Our team of experienced professionals offers comprehensive and reliable cleaning services to ensure the proper functioning of your equipment.
We use effective techniques and eco-friendly products to guarantee sustainable service quality. Our mission is to provide you with a turnkey cleaning solution.
Trust us to maintain your equipment and feel free to contact us with any questions.


Pur-Tek prioritizes your comfort by keeping your commercial air conditioners in perfect working order. We have a qualified team that works diligently to ensure a comfortable and safe experience. The benefits of regular maintenance of air conditioning systems cannot be overstated, helping you not only save money and avoid costly downtime, but also improve air quality and preserve the health of your employees and customers. Your air conditioning systems must be regularly maintained to avoid unexpected breakdowns, extend their lifespan, and ensure maximum efficiency. With Pur-Tek, you get professional, fast, and affordable service for all your commercial and industrial air conditioning needs.


Located in atypical locations like the roof of your business, at a non-standard height or with customers on-site, your units benefit from a hassle-free service of exceptional quality. We offer our services to hotels, daycares, restaurants, offices, conference rooms, and car dealerships.

We offer our services :

• Hotels
• Daycare centers
• Restaurants
• Offices and conference room
• Car dealership